Are you working on a self-build project or looking to make major changes to your property?

At Jim Wise Demolition we are available for domestic demolition projects throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to clear land or start again we can knock down outhouses, garages and houses. The process can involve soft stripping, removal of structures, getting rid of walls and removing hazardous material (i.e. asbestos.) All of that is possible with our team at Jim Wise.

As specialists, we carry out soft stripping to prepare for demolition work. This is also available for refurbishment projects. For renovations and extensions, we can also remove internal walls for you. In doing this, it makes sure that the demolition process can be done to our best ability. We provide complex demolition solutions and allow for extra work to be done outside of the typical domestic demolition methods so that you get the most out of it.

We will take on any demolition project, here’s just a few:

  • Clearing sites for self-build plots
  • Demolition of garages
  • Knocking down an outbuilding
  • Soft stripping
  • Part Demolitions for reburshments and alterations
Concerned about asbestos?

Jim Wise Demolition have the specialist knowledge to safely and effectively identify and remove asbestos too. Using modern techniques and equipment, we can ensure that your asbestos removal is carried out to the highest standards. Asbestos can be heavily dangerous if the fibres are airborne, so when demolishing the property the highest safety measures are carried out to safeguard anyone nearby. It is absolutely vital that this is taken into account when organising a domestic demolition project.

All works carried out to comply with the current health and safety legislation and HSE guidelines. At Jim Wise, we ensure the guidelines are followed efficiently so that all of our site team are secure and are able to get on with the demolition process under the site manager’s supervision. For more information on the health and safety regulations we have in place, check out our specified page.