Reduce your waste disposal costs with on-site concrete crushing project

Here at Jim Wise demolition we use expert machinery which can crush concrete on-site. This allows us to recycle the concrete and save it from going to landfill. It’s crushed to produce an aggregate which can be reused in construction, making it more profitable. Rather than getting rid of the concrete and contributing to the ever-growing amounts of waste, get concrete crushing done to reduce that so it can be used again and again!

Concrete crushing also keeps construction costs down by reducing waste disposal costs. You won’t need to pay for landfill disposal fees or complete any hazard checks for the waste. Our concrete crushers provide crushing solutions for all demolition sites throughout Staffordshire and throughout the Midlands, so we're never far away.

  • Reduce concrete going to landfill to help the environment
  • Right size crusher provided for your project
  • Increase project efficiency – can be done on site
  • Avoid haul-off costs and landfill disposal fees
  • Sites are left clean and tidy
  • Recycled concrete is re-used in construction
Crushers for hire throughout the UK

Our mobile concrete crushes come with built-in sprinkler systems to suppress dust. The crushers are specially maintained and operated by our highly-trained workers. With over 20 years of experience, we ensure that all concrete crushing is carried out safely and efficiently. Our level of experience means that any concrete crushing job is possible, and we complete our jobs to the highest standard achievable.

It’s not just concrete we can crush. We also provide crushing services for bricks, glass, slate, granite and many other aggregates. This can then be used for backfill, concrete mix and landscaping. The range of crushing devices we have on offer means that we can take on any crushing project! All guidelines are adhered to at all times so that the work is carried out in a safe and proficient manner.