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Did you know Demolition doesn't always have to be complete Destruction of a structure?

As soon as someone mentions the word demolition, whether that be in an office, on site or just small talk in the pub will bring into mind images from the videos of a tall tower block building being brought down to a pile of rubble. It will have you imagining heavy machinery and bulldozers that will rip apart a structure. But demolitions do not always have to involve the total destruction of a building / structure. Technically, did you know, in the demolition world, even the removal of a load-bearing structure is a demolition? When you are planning to do a partial renovation, you will need to do some bit of demolishing to create space for the new additions.

If you are thinking of doing a partial demolition or bring an entire building down, you need to involve the expertise and experience of demolition professionals, like Jim Wise Demolition . Especially with partial demolition, you need to ensure you are contracting a professional demolition company as you will only end up messing up the rest of your building. Some of the reasons for considering the services of an experienced demolition company are:

Site Retention & Remediation: Different environment concerns influence various aspects of the partial demolition process, and only an experienced demolition professional will know how to take such concerns into account and ensure complete site retention and remediation.

Asbestos Removal: The presence of asbestos requires a delicate approach to the demolition process so that this harmful material is removed and disposed of safely. With a long heritage and proven demolition excellence, Jim Wise Demolition provide our clients with a reliable asbestos removal service for complete peace of mind. Whilst the expense of Asbestos removal can be high, it is imperative you choose a proven demolition contractor to remove it safely and ensure complete peace of mind.

Relocating A Building: If you plan to move the building, then the partial demolition should be done with care so that the structure is prepped for the move.

Extensions And Additions: Creating space for the addition of new rooms to a domestic or commercial building often involves taking down a wall and other sections that will be tied to the new extension.

To ensure the demolition is done right, the building will have to be thoroughly inspected for any potential hazards such as mold, rot, lead paint, and asbestos from a experienced demolition contractor. The inspection also helps to understand is structural design for efficient demolition. That is why you need to have the right team of demolition contractors for the job. They should have all the necessary equipment, experience and health and safety training so that they can complete the work on the agreed time and budget.

Jim Wise Demolition are one of the UK's leading Demolition Contractors, Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire we are a leading Demolition Contractor covering areas across the UK. Such as Cheshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and Warwick.

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