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October 27, 2023


Strip out, Concrete Crushing

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Jim Wise Demolition was commissioned by Bowmer and Kirkland to undertake a crucial phase in Stoke's ambitious £60m urban village project at Goods Yard, located on Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent. The project's focal point is the iconic 1860s double-height vaults warehouse, historically utilised for goods storage and transportation between the canal and railway. This red-brick edifice, which had been subdivided by a 1980s mezzanine floor and partially utilised as office space, is poised to be transformed into a vibrant leisure hub, offering event hosting, co-working spaces, and a food hall.

The scope of work during the demolition phase entailed a comprehensive soft strip down to the basement level, removal of the first floor—rendered unsuitable due to fire and structural damage—and the elimination of various fixtures, including the existing timber staircase, ceilings, M&E installations, and more. All these tasks were meticulously executed over a two-week period, starting from 02/03/2023.

A highlight of this project was the use of the state-of-the-art BROKK machine, which employed an electric remote-control system, enabling precise cuts into the concrete. By the project's end, approximately 300 tonnes of material were evacuated from the vaults.

Once fully renovated, this historic space will showcase a grand entrance and staircases leading down from an overhead public garden. This garden will incorporate skylights to channel natural light into the vaulted space below. Furthermore, a mooring station along the canal will be established, allowing visitors the convenience of docking for meals or daily work commutes. This demolition and restoration project is a significant step in Stoke's journey to breathe new life into its heritage sites, providing a 'ray of hope' for the city's future.

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