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September 15, 2023


Commercial Demolition, Asbestos Removal, Soft Stripout

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Jim Wise Demolition  is currently undertaking a demolition project for Key Source at Simon House, Wavell Road, Wythenshawe, M22 5RA. This project involves the deconstruction of a former telecommunications building made of concrete vertical panels, steel construction, steel girders, block and beam floor, and a timber roof.

As of now, the project is five weeks in, with two weeks spent on asbestos removal and three on demolition. As per the project plan, the building's demolition will span approximately eight weeks in total. The location on Wavell Road is particularly challenging due to its urban setting, surrounded by residential houses and frequent traffic. A banksman is on-site to ensure HGV vehicles safely access the work zone.

The methodical sequence of the demolition includes site setup, the removal and disposal of asbestos materials, elimination of other hazardous materials, a soft strip, location and isolation of drainage, followed by the physical demolition of the building. The site will then be left clean and safe. CES Asbestos removal company is responsible for the licensed asbestos removal, while JWD handles non-licensed asbestos removal. Pre-demolition activities also involve the use of a tower scaffold to methodically remove asbestos cement sheeting and other related materials.

Following the removal of hazardous materials, the strip-out works entail the removal of waste, fittings, non-structural partitions, floor coverings, and other disposable materials. Mechanical demolition then proceeds, beginning with the single-story L-shaped building. The method includes careful dismantling, material segregation, and disposal. The two-story building follows suit, with its demolition being executed bay by bay. The overall approach ensures safety, as the building is deconstructed in essentially the reverse order it was built.

Lastly, once the building is fully demolished, there will be adequate room for vehicles to exit smoothly. This operation is carried out with maximum attention to safety, especially concerning surrounding pedestrians and residences.

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