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September 5, 2023


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Our project

We are proud of our work and would like to share our project

Jim Wise Demolition recently completed a comprehensive demolition soft strip out project for the former Pizza Hut at the Phoenix Leisure Park, Dunwoody Way, Crewe, CW1 3AJ.

Scope and Timing:

  • The project entailed a strip-out of a former Pizza Hut building to pave the way for a refit.
  • The demolition started on 31/08/2023 and spanned two weeks.

Demolition Details:

  • The internal phase involved the removal of glazed screens, doors, frames, architraves, masonry walls, partitions, and existing fixtures, fittings & equipment (FFE).
  • External work centered on the removal and disposal of glazing, glazed doors, and low-level brickwork on specific elevations.

Safety Protocols:

  • Jim Wise Demolition prioritised safety, ensuring that plant operators and HGV vehicles always had a banksman present.
  • Precautions included the establishment of a fenced work zone, conducting employee inductions, and ensuring access to appropriate welfare facilities. Welfare provisions ranged from toilets and drinking water to changing rooms and hand sanitizers.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was mandatory, and a specific list was provided, ensuring that every worker was protected as per the job's demands.


  • The work was executed in a busy retail park, consisting of a cinema, bowling alley, and a bingo hall.
  • There were strict measures to minimise noise and manage dust, considering the site's proximity to active retail units. Equipment used was maintained to minimizs noise and exhaust emissions.


  • The project followed the British Standard BS 6187:2011 - Code of Practice for Demolition Works.
  • As part of the sequence of work, the site was set up, access for plant created, a soft strip was done, and all harmful material was systematically removed.
  • Jim Wise Demolition ensured continuous liaison with all stakeholders, holding regular meetings, and providing inductions and daily briefs to employees.

Environmental Concerns:

  • Efforts were made to manage noise, with mitigation measures in place. Dust suppression techniques, like the use of misting sprays and dampening stockpiles, were employed to ensure minimal environmental impact.


  • After the project, a thorough site inspection was conducted to ensure the area was hazard-free. The site was then formally handed over to the appointed contractor.

In essence, the project was executed meticulously, ensuring the health and safety of all involved while abiding by environmental and industry standards. Jim Wise Demolition demonstrated professionalism, prioritizing safety, environmental concerns, and effective communication throughout the demolition project.

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